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Bridge to Bend Project

River Gains

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We rely on private donations or grants to fund all initiatives at Project Big Wood

Join the cause. Be the effect.


Why Gimlet?


The reach below Gimlet Bridge is more prone to flooding than indicated by the FEMA floodplain boundary, with residential areas along both banks at risk from large flood events. This reach is also highly confined by riprap banks, with over 40% of the total bank length hardened by rock. In the 2023 flood there were 48 properties that were issued mandatory flood evacuation orders or notified to be in the "ready to evacuate" status.Upstream of Gimlet Rd, a very active channel pattern developed following the 2017 floods, leading to high hazards for erosion into developed areas. Channel adjustments upstream of the Hospital Bridge will likely transport large volumes of sediment into this reach in the future, leading to further dynamic responses and flood hazard risk.

What is the Bridge to Bend Project?



Partnership with Trout Unlimited:


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We need you:

  • Please submit your observations to our EcoWatch page including the insects you see when recreating on the Big Wood.  

  • Whether you are a passionate angler, a concerned community member, or someone who cares deeply about preserving the heart of our valley, let us know if you'd like to volunteer by sending us an email at 

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