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Big Wood River EcoWatch 

 As guides, anglers, and passionate community members we invite you to share your findings along The Big Wood River! Your observations provide crucial insights into the status of the overall health of the Big Wood River ecosystem.  By crowdsourcing data on water conditions, trout populations, fishing conditions, temperature, and other scientific factors you’ll help drive baseline data for the river that will serve as the foundation for science backed decision making. 
Getting involved is simple and anyone can participate. All we ask is that you fill out the following report after each river outing.

Which location did you fish or observe on the Big Wood River? Please select one:
Water conditions:
Flow levels:
Weather conditions:
Water temperature:
Signs of pollution or human impact, select any that apply:
Presence of redds:
Trout populations:
Non-hatchery species observed, select any that apply:
Hatchery species observed:
Hatches observed, select any that apply:

Thanks for submitting!

WRV access maps


Water report

Up to the minute status of Big Wood River at Hailey, Idaho.

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