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Discover Project Big Wood.

Who we are.

Fish halfway in the water being held by fisherman
Fisherman jumping over some logs


Our goal is to revitalize the Big Wood River—restoring the heart of our valley as a sustainable ecosystem and thriving fishery. 

Our core focus:


  • Data collection for water quality and river health

  • Community education and advocacy 

  • Watershed restoration

  • Activating local pride 

 It’s our home water. Time to mend it.

I think the utility of something like Project Big Wood is to educate, educate, educate. Everybody needs to have an ethic that they are beholden to. They have to think in terms of caring for the fish. What that does is create an army of people who don't just care, but know how to care—and those are two different things. 

- Pete Debaun

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