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Do you feel that the Big Wood River is what connects everyone in the valley? That it offers sustenance to living creatures of all kinds, especially our native trout, and that without it — the Sun Valley area would be a shell of its former self?

We do.


Meet the motley crew behind 
Project Big Wood.

We're a collective of individuals, all with a shared passion and commitment to protecting and preserving the life source of the Wood River Valley. 


Our approach is modern yet rooted in tradition—we believe in the power of community voice and collaboration. From passionate river guides and players to experienced entrepreneurs and enthusiastic community members, our team brings diverse skills and perspectives. Whether organizing community events, collaborating with partners, or educating the public on policies, we aim to create a healthier, more sustainable future for Big Wood River.


Amanda Bauman, Executive Director 
Spencer Cordovano, Community Outreach 


Kenny Van Zant, President
Nick Miller, Treasurer
Stoddard Rowley, Board Member 
Ross Copperman, Board Member

Creative Partners

Jean-Marie Bousquet, Digital Communications 
Kendall Verge, Graphic Design
Avery Ardovino, Digital Design

Our Team.


Amanda Bauman

Executive Director


Spencer Cordovano

Community Outreach

Our Board.


Kenny Van Zant



Nick Miller



Stoddard Rowley

Board Member


Ross Copperman

Board Member

Creative Partners.

Jean-Marie Bousquet.jpeg

Jean-Marie Bousquet

Digital Communications


Kendall Verge

Graphic Design


Avery Ardovino

Digital Design

We are anglers and river enthusiasts hell-bent on restoring the Big Wood River to a world-class trout fishery.

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