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River Gains

  • Advanced river data for the Big Wood River

  • Community education and advocacy 

the sage school

Partnership with The Sage School

We are excited to announce our partnership with the local The Sage School. Water quality on the Big Wood has historically been understudied, so this data will help us more accurately monitor and collect data in order to get a baseline assessment for river health. 

What does this partnership entail?

 Our partnership with the Sage School has marked the beginning of our Water Monitoring Program initiative, with students collecting samples at four main stem sites along the Big Wood River. The 8/9 class dedicates an afternoon each month to: 

  • Gather samples

  • Record pH levels

  • Measure water conductivity

  • Engage in bug science

Additionally, these students actively participate in our annual State of the Big Wood release, where they present their findings, contribute to data for our website, and share their observations.

What we'll do with the data: 

We'll be sharing this data publicly on our website and with our partners to make more informed decisions for the Big Wood River. With accurate data, we can proactively address emerging threats and work closely with local organizations to implement targeted conservation strategies.

How you can help:

Whether you are a passionate angler, a concerned community member, or someone who cares deeply about preserving the heart of our valley, let us know if you'd like to volunteer.  Sign up for our newsletter and shoot us an email to

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