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Spencer Cordovano

Spencer grew up on the Bigwood River along the Deer Creek tributary. He recalls floating in an inner tube in his yard as a child during a flood and watching the river change its course within the river bed and flood plain. Most of his observations came from finding new swimming holes every summer, leading him to eventually work for the Shoshoni Bannock tribes as a limnologist (lake studies) in the Sawtooth Basin. 


Spencer recently ran for Mayor of Ketchum and narrowly missed the seat. He wears many hats to foster living in Ketchum—mainly video production—though he splits his time between selling real estate, managing housing & office rentals while also serving on Ketchum's Planning and Zoning Commission. An authentic voice of the valley! Spencer hopes to create a healthier Big Wood River by educating the public and lobbying for better management practices surrounding riverside and land development. 


If you're looking for Spencer during the summer, you can catch him with his trusty snorkel in hand—on a mission to take as many river dips as the day allows.

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