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Who speaks
for the river?

We do.

"The citizens of the community own the river itself. It is a public highway.  Nobody owns the Big Wood River, we all do."

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Who we are.

In recent years the native trout population has seen a decline in size and numbers—a bellwether for the health of the river.


Our mission is to revitalize the Big Wood River—restoring the heart of our valley as a sustainable ecosystem and thriving fishery. 

Our core focus: 

  • Data collection for water quality and river health

  • Community education and advocacy 

  • Watershed restoration

  • Activating local pride 

 It’s our home water. Time to mend it.


Science on the Fly Partnership

Water quality data sampling program.

Help us make a difference.

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We can't do it alone.

We’ve chosen a collaborative approach in developing and prioritizing programs, projects, action plans, and coordinated restoration work.

We believe working with partners and the community will best support basin-wide strategies to mend this incredible resource we all share.

Support from:

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Join the community. 

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