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Who speaks
for the river?

We do.

"The citizens of the community own the river itself. It is a public highway.  Nobody owns the Big Wood River, we all do."

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Who we are.

In recent years the native trout population has seen a decline in size and numbers—a bellwether for the health of the river.


Our mission is to revitalize the Big Wood River—restoring the heart of our valley as a sustainable ecosystem and thriving fishery. 

Our core focus: 

  • Data collection for water quality and river health

  • Community education and advocacy 

  • Watershed restoration

  • Activating local pride 

 It’s our home water. Time to mend it.

The Big Wood River is really the lifeblood of our valley. It is a 1.2 million-acre watershed that flows right through the valley. It is an absolutely remarkable fishery. 

- Terry Ring

Help us make a difference.

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Project Big Wood is the structure for a collaborative approach to developing and prioritizing projects, action plans, and coordinated restoration work. Collaboration with our partners supports basin-wide strategies to enhance fishing access, restoration projects, and awareness of natural river processes.

Founded with support from Trout Unlimited and Wood River Land Trust, we are part of an ecosystem of agencies and organizations helping change The Big Wood River for the better. 

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Join the community. 

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