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Valley Voices with Jim Curran

Every sunrise brings the promise of a new adventure. For those who wade the waters of the Big Wood River, each day is an opportunity to uncover the mystery beneath the clear, flowing water.

Jim Curran, past owner of Silver Creek Outfitters, has been wading the waters of the Big Wood for longer than many of us have been alive, yet he's still captivated by the thrill of discovery this river offers.

"On the wood, each day is an adventure. Each new spot is an adventure. You have to fish it a different way and use different bugs. It's exciting! Clear running water is exciting,"

We're taking a page from Jim's book and hoping to bring the spirit of excitement to protecting and restoring the river, looking at each opportunity for progress as an adventure. Free words of wisdom from Jim Below.

About Valley Voices:

As we embark on restoring and protecting The Big Wood River, we invite you to join us in celebrating the voices that make up our community, amplifying the importance of the Big Wood River, and cultivating a shared commitment to its preservation. Together, we have the power to ensure that future generations will continue to find inspiration, joy, and a connection to nature along its banks.

Have a story of your own to share with us? Shoot us a message at

Read our mission statement here: Discover Project Big Wood

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