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Valley Voices with Pete Debaun

Pete Debaun, a seasoned guide with nearly three decades of experience in Idaho, is a knowledgeable advocate for the river's protection, shedding light on the vital balance between progress and preservation.

"New buildings created a narrower and faster river—and that really hurts the fishery. The once wide and slow-moving stretches of the river provided essential conditions for fish spawning. However, narrowing the river's course through construction hampers this.”

To Pete, the river's well-being is intimately tied to preserving these natural habitats. "Those places on the wood that are naturally wide and provide grading and slow-moving water during the spawn—we must protect those at all costs.”

Pete possesses a connection that runs deeper than mere familiarity. The Big Wood River is his office, and he has witnessed its transformations firsthand. In the dance between modernization and conservation, it's essential to recognize that each decision has the potential to impact the delicate balance of nature.

About Valley Voices:

As we embark on restoring and protecting The Big Wood River, we invite you to join us in celebrating the voices that make up our community, amplifying the importance of the Big Wood River, and cultivating a shared commitment to its preservation. Together, we have the power to ensure that future generations will continue to find inspiration, joy, and a connection to nature along its banks.

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