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Valley Voices with Morgan Buckert

For nearly two decades, Morgan has found purpose and inspiration on the banks of The Big Wood River. An avid angler and devoted conservationist, her connection to the WRV has not just been about catching fish; it's been about understanding the intricate balance of nature and her role within it.

Morgan believes it's a community's responsibility to maintain The Big Wood's vitality. Preserving the BWR is not just a matter of convenience but a duty owed as community members, anglers, dog walkers, or anyone who has gained from the resource.

"I think improving the health of the Big Wood is an act of the entire community, whether you're an angler...or a dog walker, a swimmer, or a boater."

Morgan also meticulously crafts handmade cowboy boots, creating footwear that embodies Western heritage and individuality while focusing on artisanal techniques. Find 'em here: @thesandhill

Check out Morgan's honest and heartfelt perspective on preserving and nurturing the river. ⁠

About Valley Voices:

As we embark on restoring and protecting The Big Wood River, we invite you to join us in celebrating the voices that make up our community, amplifying the importance of the Big Wood River, and cultivating a shared commitment to its preservation. Together, we have the power to ensure that future generations will continue to find inspiration, joy, and a connection to nature along its banks.

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Read our mission statement here: Discover Project Big Wood



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